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Booking plane tickets for a family trip is a fun little test to see if I still remember all my kids' birthdays and genders.
Ken Jennings
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Charlie Kelly of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia reading War And Peace by Leo Tolstoy
Living longer, one page at a time
Everybody knows that reading books is beneficial. It can grow your vocabulary, expand your creativity, and just plain make you look smart while you’re sitting on the subway. Well, depending on what you’re reading. People may not think you’re a valedictorian if you’re browsing through Hop On Pop.

Good news. Reading books can do more than just give your brain a workout. It can also potentially help you live longer. According to a new report, dusting off that bookshelf can mean a longer life, with people that routinely read living nearly two years longer than non-readers.

With so many good books out, including a new Harry Potter adventure and tons of hilarious reads by your favorite comedians — Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan, anybody? —  it might just be time for a trip to the library.
A pen-pal for your kid
If you’re looking for a way to delight your kids that doesn't involve pixels, consider subscribing to Ben The Rooster. He's a fictional pen pal for children. His postcards are a fun and interesting way to help kids learn more about reading, writing, and farm life.

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Pop Quiz
Dan wells
Out of college, Wells was depressed, overweight and living a very unhealthy lifestyle. He received a major wake-up call when his father passed away from a heart attack at age 52. Determined not to share his father's fate, Wells immersed himself in the world of health, nutrition and fitness. Before long, Wells realized that helping others reach their greatest potential through fitness was his calling in life. He gambled his life savings to open the first CrossFit Horsepower, which is now home to hundreds of clients and celebrities, including Teri Hatcher, James Marsden and Ian Ziering. He is married and the father of three children.

What surprised you most when you became a dad?

Constant poopy diapers what!? I was like, come on already, when do we play catch!? I've experienced a version of love for my kids that is like no other kind of love. It was unexpected and it's priceless.

What health, parenting, fitness, or style advice would you give to other fathers?

Be their father. They have plenty of friends, they don't need another one. The discipline and structure actually makes them more comfortable, not less. And lead by example- eat well, exercise in front of them- or with them like I do! Read and make eye contact. Kids learn and respond to what you do way more than what you say.

How you balance time between work and family?

With the help of my trusty iPhone! My family knows that they come first, and that we all make sacrifices for the good of the family. It's important that they respect work ethic and understand where the food on their plates comes from. We all have jobs to do — theirs is school work, acting, and sports!