Make it simple.
Make it memorable.
Make it inviting to look at.
Make it fun to read.
Leo Burnett

Publishing that fits in your pocket

Pantaloon Press publishes email newsletters distinguished by original writing, elegant design, and reader loyalty.

Our publications are profitable and sustainable because we care about content, design, and serving a loyal and clearly defined readership. We limit ads and clutter.

We choose our advertisers as carefully as our content. We will always value integrity over page views.

Built on the world’s largest social network

Turns out, email is the largest social network in the world. 91% of consumers use e-mail daily. There’s no app to download. It’s installed on 100% of mobile devices.

"Email—yes, email—is one way forward for a less commercial, less centralized web, and the best thing is, this beautiful cockroach of a social network is already living in all of our homes."
Alexis C. Madrigal, The Atlantic

Meet CoolPapa, our first publication

CoolPapa, a lifestyle newsletter for dads, begins this summer. Thousands of readers are waiting!

About the team

Connie Lanter has worked closely with large clients including: Time Warner Cable, Fox Sports, Shutterfly, Bare Escentuals and Healthcare Corporation of America (HCA), driving revenue and brand awareness. She's currently a Customer Success Director at Marin Software based in San Francisco and with offices around the globe. 

Dennis Best has experience in every phase of publishing, including design, fundraising, budgeting, and advertising. He was the Associate Publisher of a national magazine and successfully managed teams large and small. He was a core member of the engineering team at Identified, Inc. acquired by Workday in 2014.